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janetJanet relaxing with Mokie(13), Jingles(14), and Biscuit(3). 2009
susieSusie with her "pack"

About Us

Susan Miranti and Janet Fredericks Stone have been well known Jack Russel Terrier breeders and trainers since the early 1980's. They've worked closely together over the decades, with the goal of producing a foundation stock of typey short legged JRTs with a great temperament and trainability, their dogs are well known throughout the world for their looks, temperament, and type.

Susan Miranti has been involved with dogs for 40 years in conformation and obedience training, she has owned and bred a number of different breeds, she and many of her dogs have also earned AKC titles such as CD, CDX, and UD. Molly, a corgi she currently owns, is a certified Therapy Dog by Therapy Dogs International and AKC's Canine Good Citizen. Susan was also a member of Suffolk Obedience Training Club for many years, participated in their drill team and made exhibitions with her UD titled poodle. In addition, she was one of the original members of Allegemier Schutzhund Club with her Doberman. Her first Jack Russell Terrier, JR, acquired in 1981, was featured in the 1985 book by Marilyn Massey, Above and Below Ground, the Jack Russell Terrier in North America.

Janet Fredericks-Stone became a fan of Jack Russell Terriers in the late 1970's, When Hamilton Pickwick (aka Wicket) was giving to her late husband Doc Fredericks, Master of the Smithtown Hunt in Long Island, NY by the club subscribers. Wicket became a popular stud with his 10" height and great temperment. She then went on to work with Susan Miranti, a fellow horsewoman and JRT fan.

Over the decades, many of their dogs have appeared in movies, TV shows, greeting cards, magazines, editorial articles, various ad campaigns, as well as representing the breed in many books on Jack Russell Terriers, but most importantly, they've produced many, many great dogs that went on to provide life-long companionships and enjoyments for their owners.





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